OnExpo.OnLine is looking to cooperate with theme-based websites and offers unique opportunities for establishing partnerships and doing business globally. With our support you will get recognition, new customers and partners for your business.
Commercial partnership
We will place web banners on the portal both on the main page and on the internal pages of the portal. Use all resources of the portal for holding online events, video conferences, master classes and webinars, as well as the target audience and the space to interact with it.
Online partnership
We will transfer your event to the online format. You get more opportunities for contact and post-contact with participants and visitors, maximum results from your exhibition thanks to its internet footprint and online promotion: for the event itself and for each participant separately.
Information space
We are looking to cooperation with information portals and event organizers. On a non-commercial basis, we will cover your event on the pages of our portal. Within the framework of cooperation we offer to publish press and post event press releases, announcements, news, banners, logos, links and other information in exchange for placing advertising materials of the portal.
Barter partnership
Barter is the most popular and simple type of cooperation. You get an additional advertising channel to promote your business, we are interested in proposals that will contribute to strengthening the positions of our portal. Terms of mutually beneficial partnership are negotiated individually.
Unique social and business platform for communication
Your own stand at the online exhibition
Global reach of communications and independence from time zones and geographic locations
Information support on our portal
Constantly increasing traffic
Unique interested visitors every day
Web banner on the main page of the website or on one of the online exhibitions
Comprehensive advertising campaign for each event